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Climate activist interrupts Roger Federer’s last match

Legendary tennis… guy Roger Federer is set to take the place where tennis people play for the last time on Friday. He and Rafael Nadal will team up against two other guys to do tennis things. Though the event was almost interrupted when a guy ran onto the court to set his arm on fire.

Why, yes. The guy IS a climate activist. How could have ever guessed?

Crunchy McFlame ran onto the court, sat down criss-cross applesauce, and set his arm on fire. Crispy then, as this photo captures, discovered that burning your skin is not a pleasant feeling. So he screamed as he flailed his arm around to put the fire out.

Give Crispy credit, though. While his arm started to feel like his rectum during certain flare-ups, he was able to compose himself enough so someone at TMZ could take a photo and show why this flamer decided to go full-burning man. He wants to end private jets in the UK. Unimpressed by the act are anyone who flew a private jet to the tennis match. Though we are unclear about the people who fly private jets to climate conferences where they lecture people about carbon.

Crispy McFlame was then hauled off by security like he was the guy who heckled Prince Andrew for being a pedophile. Federer’s last tennis fight is expected to go on as scheduled.

Look, I know these activists in order to show how the sky is literally falling literally have to take their performance art to the EXTREME. At some point one of them has to realize “you know, I think everyone isn’t taking us seriously as much as they are laughing at us.”

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