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Church Votes Unanimously To Replace Light Bulb In Foyer

LAKE WAYNOKA, OH – It was sometime during the harvest season that Jeremiah Murphy, a deacon of 30 years at Lake Waynoka First Baptist Church, first noticed the church’s foyer area seemed darker than usual.

“I looked on up and seen one of the light bulbs just wasn’t twinkling as bright as the others,” a solemn Murphy told reporters Tuesday. “I realized right away that this right here is a safety hazard, so, quick as I could, I turned in the paperwork for the issue to be considered for the next business meeting’s ballot.”

Unfortunately for the church’s faithful, that next business meeting ended up being canceled due to snow.

“It was a real dark winter,” confirmed Murphy.

But, as the saying goes, let there be light – because Pastor Matt Abbott was delighted to announce Tuesday that the business meeting had successfully taken place, and the light bulb measure passed unanimously.

“We’re looking forward to putting our dark days behind us,” Abbott declared. “All we’ve got to do now is pass a vote to create a light bulb committee, elect a committee chair, and then get out of the way and let them do their job.”

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