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Chicago Businessman Donates Nearly $170K for Gas Giveaway

Grateful drivers were excited to line up and participate in a gasoline giveaway in Chicago, thanks to one man’s generosity.

The event was sponsored by Dr. Willie Wilson, a mayoral candidate who gave approximately $170,000 worth of fuel to citizens on Saturday, ABC 7 reported.

Each participating car received $50 in gas until the money was gone.

The giveaway took place at stations all over the city, and it was the sixth one Wilson has hosted as the nation suffers under high gas prices.

During one of his giveaways in March, Wilson said that if the prices keep rising, “I may have to do this again.”

“Who knows, let’s see how it goes. If it goes up higher and I’ve got a few more dollars, I’ll come and do it again,” he continued.

In a live video posted Saturday, Wilson was seen outside a gas station surrounded by friends. Attorney Richard Boykin addressed viewers and said he was there on behalf of the Dr. Willie Wilson Foundation.

“Today, thousands of people from all across Chicago are receiving $50 in free gas, compliments of Dr. Willie Wilson and his great philanthropy,” he continued, noting Wilson had promised to host the event.

“And so, across 14 gas stations across the city of Chicago, people are able to access free gas. We thank him for his philanthropy, we thank the gas station owners for partnering with us,” Boykin said.

In another video, a woman expressed her gratitude for the much-needed financial relief.

The video footage also showed drivers being waved into the parking lot to receive the free gas while a massive line of cars waited on the side of the road nearby:

“Thank you, Dr. Willie Wilson, for blessing me and the community with your blessing and sharing your gift,” the woman in the clip said while filling up her car’s tank. “We truly appreciate it.”

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