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Available Now: The Babylon Bee Guide To Democracy

At last, the time has come to unveil our latest literary masterpiece, The Babylon Bee Guide to Democracy.

We hear a lot about democracy these days, how it’s in peril, how the evil ULTRA-MAGA Trump supporters want to destroy it, and how it will be over forever if your preferred candidate doesn’t win in November! Oh no!

To protect our Sacred Democracy™ from all who threaten it, you need to be equipped with the knowledge that can only be found in this definitive guide. In it, you’ll learn:

  • How democracy came about
  • How our most sacred democratic institutions protect your rights and never, ever fail us
  • All the other, terrible forms of government that exist besides democracy
  • How to bribe a politician to get your way and make TONS of money
  • Why America isn’t really a democracy — wait, WHAT?


Here’s what a few random folks online are saying about the Guide to Democracy:


Here’s a little peek at the vast wealth of knowledge inside:


We worked hard to create a book that we hope will make you laugh just as much as we laughed the entire time we were making it. It’s a great gift for friends and family on the Right as well as the Left, and we hope you find it hilarious and informative!

It’s now available wherever books are sold. Get one today!

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