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Australia Sets New Record for COVID Deaths

The COVID-19 pandemic can simply be summed up as a pandemic of the vaccinated.

Australia provides proof of that.

Roughly 96% of adults in the country are vaccinated, and another 70+% are boosted.

Despite this, the country just set a new record for COVID-19 deaths.

Allegedly, one in 12 hospital beds in Australia is filled with a person suffering from COVID.

Data from New South Whales shows that the vaccinated are 37 TIMES more likely to be hospitalized by the virus than the unvaccinated.

The Guardian sheds light on Australia’s COVID struggles:

Australia is getting closer to chalking up 12,000 Covid-related fatalities, as one in 12 public hospital beds across Australia is filled by someone with the virus.

The nation has recorded three straight days of 100-plus deaths related to the virus.

Another 27 have been reported nationally so far on Sunday – taking Australia’s total toll during the pandemic to 11,832 – along with almost 24,000 new cases.

The real story here is that Australia, which has a vaccination rate of 96%, is setting records for COVID deaths:

Things are especially bad in New South Wales:

Pray for the Australians forced into vaccinations by their tyrannical government…


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