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August 5: Andy Capp debuts.

On this day in 1957, Andy Capp debuted in Britain’s Daily Mirror. If you’re a Millennial you may have no idea of whom I’m speaking. Please allow me to hip you up. Andy Capp is an extraordinary daily comic strip about a working-class Brit whose main interests are drinking, fighting, leisure activities and playing rugby. What he definitely isn’t interested in is getting a job. He seems to spend most of his day in the pub. If not a man’s man, then certainly a scoundrel’s scoundrel. And very funny. Capp’s creator,  Reg Smythe, didn’t believe in soft edges or political correctness. And while Andy thrived during the latter-half of the last century, his star has dimmed somewhat in this new age of easy outrage and arbitrary offense. Fun fact: Since the 1960’s, Andy Capp Fries, a bagged pub snack somewhere between potato chips and french fries, has been available to the public in a wide variety of flavors. They’re actually quite excellent.

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