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ATF agent arrested by local cops, immediately starts crying

ATF agent arrested by local cops, immediately starts crying

This video is making the rounds on social media, and really, if you haven’t seen it, you need to do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this awesomeness. The incident occurred in 2020, but the joy it will bring us all is timeless, so I don’t feel guilty snatching this up to share with all of you. I think we’re friends at this point, after all.

So, according to The Columbus Dispatch, this occurred on July 7, 2020–I didn’t realize these officers had given me such an amazing birthday present that year–and it involved Agent James Burk of the ATF and officers Joseph Fihe and Kevin Wichell of the Columbus PD.

Apparently, Burk went to retrieve a shotgun from a person who was not authorized to have one. The woman called the police on him. When the two 20-year veterans of the department arrived on the scene, the hilarity ensued.

I especially like the part where Burk starts to scream about a supposed medical condition, then switches his excuse to something about his wife, and then screams as he gets tased.

Burk filed a lawsuit against the officers for excessive use of force, and I can easily see the argument for it. However, as the Dispatch reports, the dispatcher failed to verify Burk’s badge number, which was read to the dispatcher during the initial call, so I wouldn’t say it was necessarily the fault of the police officers.

Burk has since been moved to a desk due to physical and psychological injuries he sustained.

So, I don’t approve of excessive force. I also am not celebrating any alleged “injuries” Burk experienced as a result of the event–although, I find the claim that he’s been psychologically wounded or something difficult to believe. What I do like is the general idea of the ATF getting wrecked while coming for someone’s firearms. And while I don’t know what justification was used to determine the woman wasn’t allowed to have a shotgun in her possession, I also don’t believe any law on the books infringing on one’s God-given right to own firearms is constitutional, so the ATF can suck it.

I hope this video brought you as much joy as it brought me. Now, it can make its rounds on social media and maybe pop up again in a few years when we all need a laugh.

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