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Alex Jones discusses his ‘anti-Libertarian’ position

Faced with the challenges of contemporary political life in the United States, sometimes one must modify their views and positions to combat what they see as excesses in government, such as abuses of power or corruption. Both Steven Crowder and Alex Jones have undergone versions of this change of thought due to the overt corruption of the relationship between large corporations and the government–in which the companies, such as Big Tech companies, do the bidding of their masters in government.

“These are effectively thug arms of the government,” says Crowder, “and Libertarianism cannot stand up in the face of that.”

Jones agrees. However, he goes a step further. Where Crowder can no longer, in good conscience, identify himself with the Libertarian position, Jones is vehemently against it. He went from, “Libertarians want to leave people alone socially, but they want a smaller government, they must be good,” to, as he puts it, “anti-Libertarian.”

“The Libertarians are now just used to siphon off Republican votes and keep Democrats in power.”

“And […] most of your high-level Libertarians are actually Democrats.”

These are some pretty strong opinions from two men who have no qualms speaking their minds, and the entire Ash Wednesday conversation was similar.

This little preview has to have sparked your interest. You should check out the entire conversation and see what other interesting and possibly controversial topics were covered.

Alex Jones TELLS ALL: His Lawsuit, The Great Reset, & Cover-Ups | Louder with

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