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Aaron Rodgers offers advice on how to rehab America

Our president wants to keep our country divided. Or, he did last night. He denies it now. There is only one man who can bring this country together. 2-time MVP and Chicago Bears owner Aaron Rodgers.

For a jock, Rodgers is looking pretty smart these days. He sat down with Pat McAfee, who asked the wise QB how we can fix America. McAfee got a taste last year when “people” (I’ll get to who in a second) attacked him not even for agreeing with Rodgers, but for giving him a platform. Help us Obi-Aaron. You’re our only hope.

“In order to come together as a country and come together as people and connect, you have to listen to other people’s opinions, and a lot of times, opinions that you don’t agree with…Not to live in an echo chamber where you’re repeating the same things, hearing the same things and locking in the same algorithms that give you the same opinion and belief over and over again. That’s how division happens because there’s zero room for people to connect and at least just listen to what you have to say.”

Here’s the thing. Rodgers is right. We need to break free from echo chambers and learn to talk to each other, even if we disagree. The problem is that it’s not both sides that have an issue doing so. It leans hard in one direction. The direction of woke progressive douchelords.

It’s not both sides that (allegedly) held meetings with Facebook to discuss who they should deplatform. It’s not both sides that called for boycotts anytime someone like Rodgers would disagree with the government bureaucrats setting “certain” guidelines. It’s all on the same side. The left side. Leftists are the ones who will have other Americans delegitimized and destroyed for disagreeing with them. Then gaslight by claiming the right are the extreme ones. They know if they lie, they can count on most in corporate media to swear by it.

Look no further than last night. CNN’s Brianna Keilar, no fan of conservatives, made a milquetoast critique of the optics of Biden rant. The left has been going ballistic since the moment she hit “send tweet.” #BoycottCNN has been trending as a result. All because one person had one different opinion once.

Conversations are good. Breaking out of echo chambers are good. Calling out the side hellbent on preventing both from happening BY NAME is better.

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