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Star With the Shortest Orbital Period Around Black Hole Discovered

Artist’s illustration of a black hole. A star was discovered zipping around the black hole at the center of our galaxy, the Milky...

New Research Reveals How Nuclear War Would Affect Earth Today

Computer simulations provide startling data on the global impact of nuclear war.The threat of nuclear warfare is back to the forefront following Russia’s...

Diner owner on rising prices: 'It looks like it's getting worse every day"

Demetrios Anagnostos, owner of Diner on 55th in Cleveland, shares what it's like running a business with prices at record highs Source link

Mummified mystery pup that died 18,000 years ago was a wolf

A mummified pup discovered in Siberia is not a dog, new research finds. Rather, the cute-and-cuddly canine is actually a young wolf. In a...

A Newly Discovered Type of Stem Cell Could Allow Scientists To Make Organs in a Dish

By University of Copenhagen - The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences July 7, 2022Traditionally, researchers create stem cells by either placing an embryo...

Scientists Rediscover Oak Tree Thought To Be Extinct

Hopefully, the lone Quercus tardifolia will be nursed back to health and well cared for like Angel Oak, pictured here.One Quercus tardifolia found...

The Quest for a ‘Tick Map’

Scientists scramble to forecast where and when the disease-carrying arthropods pose the most danger Source link

Watch the full ‘Buck Supermoon’ rise on July 13

July's full moon — nicknamed the Buck Moon — will charge across Earth's skies on Wednesday, July 13. The moon will reach its...

Scientists Have Created Worms That Can Kill Cancer Cells

The researchers created sheaths that could hold anti-cancer drugs. This enabled the worms to be protected yet unhindered by their hydrogel armor, allowing...

College COVID-19 testing can reduce deaths in local communities

Getting a COVID-19 test has become a regular part of many college students’ lives. That ritual may protect not just those students’ classmates...

Red supergiant stars ‘dance’ because they have too much gas

(opens in new tab)Astronomers suspect that red supergiants play an important role in the evolution of galaxies; the enormous stellar bodies spit...

NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover’s Exploration of Hogwallow Flats – “The Bacon Strip”

Mars Perseverance Sol 472 – Left Mastcam-Z Camera: NASA’s Perseverance rover acquired this image using its Left Mastcam-Z camera. Mastcam-Z is a pair...